How can I email my Endnote library to another person, i.e my adviser at UNC so that she could have access to the same reference list as we both work

Hi there,

I'd recommend that you save your library by using the Compress & Save feature. What version of EndNote do you have? If you have a newer version of EndNote, you can find this option under the File menu. It will be called "Compressed Library" or "Compress and save." This will create a file with the extension of .enlx

You can email your advisor this library (or he/she can email you their compressed library).

Then whoever receives the other person's library will want to follow these steps after having both libraries open:

  • To import one EndNote library into another, use the Import command from the File menu.
  • Choose the EndNote Library import option and be sure to pick the appropriate “Duplicates” setting.
  • The advantage of using the Import command over another method is its ability to filter out duplicate references.

Once you have merged the two separate libraries, be sure to re-name it something distinctive and then compress and save it before you mail it back to the other person. When sharing libraries, I often use today's date in the title of the library, so I'm always sure to use the most recent version.

Note: EndNote recommends only merging libraries when both users are using the same version of EndNote, ie. EndNote X6.

Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any questions.

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