like many faculty I am drowning in email what resources are available to help us better handle email? feel free to email about this (that one I'll be

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This is a great question! While I don’t know of any single, silver bullet to rescue you from email, we do have a few suggestions.

1) Have all of your listserv emails filter into a folder, or separate folders, so that they don’t go directly to your inbox. Then, they’re waiting for you to read them when you have time.

2) After you’ve had them go into filters for a while, consider if you really want to get them anymore. Unsubscribe to all listservs that you don’t read on a regular basis.

3) Set up a retention schedule for yourself. For example, say that you don’t want to keep any message over 2 years (or whatever time you’re comfortable with) and delete anything older than that time.

4) In your sent mail, resort the messages so the attachments are at the top. Delete all of them. Chances are, if you sent that attachment, you can get to the hard copy again on server space. The others are just clogging the space.

5) One faculty member I know only checks email during set times each day. She’s decided that she will only read emails from 3:30-5. A schedule like this might work to reduce the amount of time you spend on email, and it might help you prioritize how you’re spending your time.

6) Look at your inbox. Put any message older than one month into a separate folder. You can deal with this folder when you’re ready, or maybe those emails weren’t really that important after all. Do this maintenance every week.

7) UNC has developed more info here . Check out the ‘Sections’ area of the page for more suggestions on how to decide what to keep, what to delete and how to manage your current email inbox.

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