Author Location / Affiliation searches in PubMed

Question #1:

Most clinical research studies are not indexed to the country where they were conducted. If you are interested in research about populations in the United States you can try using our developing countries search hedge to eliminate research conducted about populations in many other countries. Run your topic search (set #1) and then run the search hedge (set #2) and then run a search that  is:

#1 NOT #2

To remove even more countries from the results add the following to the search hedge:

OR Europe[MeSH] OR Australia[MeSH] OR Asia[MeSH]


Question #2

To find research reported by authors from UNC-CH you can search for "chapel hill" in the Affiliation field, [affiliation]. The abbreviated field tag is [ad]. Fortunately, "chapel hill" is a fairly unique name. I usually just add:

AND "chapel hill"[ad]

You will miss any articles that do not have complete affiliation data, for example, any that just have the author's email address. Older articles often have less complete affiliation data.

The information that is included in the Affiliation field [ad] changed Jan 1, 2014.

"Affiliation may be included for authors, corporate authors and investigators, e.g., cleveland [ad] AND clinic [ad], if submitted by the publisher. Multiple affiliations were added to citations starting from 2014, previously only the first author’s affiliation was included."

Let me know if you have questions.


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