What data should I extract in my systematic or scoping review?

You should plan to extract data that is relevant to answering the question posed in your systematic review.  As mentioned previously, it may help to consult other similar systematic reviews to identify what data to collect.  You should use your key questions and your eligibility criteria as a starting point.  It can also help to think about your question in a framework such as PICO.

Helpful data may include:

  • Information about the study (author(s), year of publication, title, DOI)
  • Demographics (age, sex, ethnicity, diseases / conditions, other characteristics related to the intervention / outcome)
  • Methodology (study type, participant recruitment / selection / allocation, level of evidence, study quality)
  • Intervention (quantity, dosage, route of administration, format, duration, time frame, setting)
  • Outcomes (quantitative and / or qualitative)

If you plan to synthesize data, you will want to collect additional information such as sample sizes, effect sizes, dependent variables, reliability measures, pre-test data, post-test data, follow-up data, and statistical tests used.

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