How do I document duplicate removal on my PRISMA flow diagram?

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This answer documents one step of the PRISMA flow diagram. For the entire process, visit our FAQ "How do I complete a PRISMA flow diagram?"

PRISMA Diagram: Duplicate Articles

Step 3: Remove All Duplicates To avoid reviewing duplicate articles,
you need to remove any articles that appear more than once in your
results. You may want to export the entire list of articles from each
database to a citation manager such as EndNote, Sciwheel, Zotero,
or Mendeley (including both citation and abstract in your file) and
remove the duplicates there. If you are using Covidence for your
review, you should also add the duplicate articles identified in
Covidence to the citation manager number.  Enter the number of
records removed as duplicates in the second box on your PRISMA
template.  If you are using automation tools to help evaluate the
relevance of citations in your results, you would also enter that
number here.

NOTE: If you are using Covidence to screen your articles, you can
copy the rest of the numbers from the PRISMA diagram in your
Covidence review into the template boxes.  Covidence does not include
the number of results from each database, so you will need to keep
track of that  number yourself.

Records removed before screening: duplicate records, records marked as ineligible by automation tools, records removed for other reasons

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