Which Covidence data extraction template should I use?

Data extraction 1.0 is designed specifically for intervention reviews. Covidence recommends it for Cochrane reviews because it has an export pathway to Review Manager (RevMan). 

For all other projects, including scoping reviews and qualitative reviews, Covidence recommends Data extraction 2.0. This tool was developed through extensive consultation with their user community and is designed to be flexible and fully customizable to the needs of your project.

The differences between Covidence extraction templates 1 and 2

In Covidence’s Data Extraction 1.0 template, you can export to RevMan, conduct dual reviewer extraction, reassign reviewers, view history, create data tables, and highlight text in the PDF. 

You cannot change the template and automatically update all the forms, conduct single reviewer extraction, or unmerge studies.


In Covidence’s Data Extraction 2.0 template, you can change the template and automatically update all the forms, conduct dual reviewer extraction, conduct single reviewer extraction, reassign reviewers, unmerge studies, and create data tables. 

You cannot export to RevMan, view history, or highlight text in the PDF.

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